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What causes blocked toilets, sink or drains?

Blocked sinks or toilets are the primary cause of a wide range of issues, from bad smells to water that simply will not drain. However, if these problems are neglected, life can easily become a nightmare. Blocked drains are not only problematic in water flow, but they are downright disgusting; swarming with toxins and causing an odor-inducing issue to everybody. It's a common problem that everyone will face at some point in their lives, and if you don't deal with it right away, there's a chance it'll carry some health complications and household damages.

What Causes Toilet and Drain Blockages?

The majority of toilet blockages are caused by the buildup of soap scum, hair, and other wreckage in your drain. Toilet tissue and other things can clog the pipes connecting to your toilet, eventually causing it to overflow.

  1. Toiletries
  2. Even though toiletries are important, some of them can produce drain blockages. For example, diapers, baby wipes, and sanitary items must not be flushed down the drain.

  3. Soap
  4. Liquid soap is unlikely to clog drains but solid soap bars can get lodged within pipelines. Using a mesh wire guard to protect plug holes can help to prevent this from happening.

  5. Hair
  6. Long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Some of it can fall out as you wash it in the sink or tub. As it does so, it incorporates with other additives, forming a ball like object that causes drain blockage.

  7. Foreign Objects
  8. When you have children, there is always the possibility that they will flush anything strange down the toilet. Toys and other foreign items can get lodged in the u-bend, causing it to get blocked.

    How do you unblock a blocked toilet?

    If the water takes a long time to drain out of the bathroom sink, just stays there or rises to the full, your toilet is definitely clogged and requires a professsional to perform drain repairs but until our SPEEDY help arrives, you can prevent further damage by attempting a few natural, environmentally sustainable methods that resolve most of the blockages.

    • Vinegar and baking soda
    • Baking soda and vinegar are two of the most efficient natural unblocking remedies cleaners you could use in the house. We recommend combining 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar to make your own drain unblocking solution.

    • Boiling Water
    • Boiling water can be used to unclog drains caused by lubricant, moisturizer, and other types of toiletries.

    • Caustic Cleaners
    • Caustic cleaners contain corrosive chemicals that can disintegrates fat and oil build up, making it perfect for removing simple sink blockages.

    Blocked drains

    Drains become clogged for a variety of reasons. While some are evident, others you may not even think of. When you observe tell-tale indications like gurgling noises, slow draining, or bad smells, try some of the drain & sink unblocking home remedies we've recommended. If they don't work, it's definitely time to give us a call, we are always on standby and ready to unblock your drains.

    Contact us today and let our professionals handle your blocked drains or toilets efficiently and properly so you can get back to living your life without stress!

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