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Unblocking Drains and Sinks

Every household has faced times where the drain gets blocked while they’re doing dishes. Even though you try your best to clear the blockage, the water doesn’t drain out. At this point, everyone would seek refuge towards easy home remedies.

This blog explains why one should employ professional drain unblocking services instead of using short-term solutions. Pouring a pot of hot water or vinegar down your blocked sink isn’t always the solution.

Drain unblockers

Everyone wants to have a quick solution to their blockage problems. However, the accessible solutions may not last long. The internet is filled with various easy techniques that are drain unblocking.

Home remedies

For instance, people use a coat hanger and straighten it out to pull the blockage out. Similarly, they use home remedies like pouring a pot full of boiling water down the blocked drain hoping that it would gradually get rid of the blockage in the gutter.


Another commonly used drain unblocker is the Mr. muscles gel. This gel goes through the water towards the blockage to clear it away. It is supposed to eliminate foul odors too. People use these gels to clean and freshen domestic pipes.


Other than gels, people have started using drain unblocking rods and plungers to clear the path. These tools might work in some cases but pushing the blockage even further can sometimes cause leakage in the pipes.

Plunging increases the pressure inside the pipes, and it can result in breaking the lines. Just imagine trying to solve one problem and causing an even bigger one. A professional service provider would easily distinguish the root problem and use a sophisticated tool according to your situation.

Sink unblocker

A widespread home remedy involves a mixture of salt and baking soda. This mixture results in a chemical reaction that can unlock the sink. After dissolving half a cup of salt and baking soda in the water, you just pour it down the blocked sink.

The concoction will react within 20 to 30 minutes. People often pour hot boiled water right after the procedure mentioned above to ensure that it has removed the blockage. Plumbers also use plungers as sink unblockers.

Suppose you’ve got a clogged sink or a blocked toilet, and you call a plumber. All he does is use a plunger to get rid of the water in the sink and leaves. You’d think you wasted money because you could have used a plunger yourself too.

Why can’t we solve the problem ourselves?

It is difficult to unblock a drain because we can’t see the blockage for ourselves and don’t have access. Professionals conduct CCTV drain survery to identify the problem. An average person won’t have the proper equipment to identify the problem. Since there is no identification, no one can suggest the perfect solution for the problem. A blocked drain also gives signs before it gets clogged. These signs include:

  1. Foul odors
  2. Gurgling noises
  3. Sewage coming back up
  4. Slow draining

Drainage problems arise from several causes. Understanding the cause can help in choosing the most suitable drain unblocker. It won’t just solve the current situation but will ensure that the same problem does reoccur. Some causes include:

  • Waste clogging the drain
  • Cracked and damaged pipes
  • Blocked gully
  • Debris and grease build-up
  • Poor water flow

Disadvantages of using short-term solutions

The short-term solutions mentioned above may or may not work. Even if they do, the same problem is likely to occur again since you didn’t employ any professional help. These short-term solutions for drain blockage have many disadvantages.


Using such solutions leaves you uncertain because you don’t know what has clogged the drain. Since you don’t know the cause of the blockage, you cannot decide which drain unblocker would solve the problem. Hiring a professional service would satisfy the customers as they would clear out the traps from every pipe and wash them out in the gardens as well. A professional service provider would dig deeper to eliminate the cause of the blockage.


Home remedies often include using acid, boiling water, and similar hazardous concoctions. These mixtures can be corrosive to your skin or cause allergic reactions. Instead of doing science experiments without knowing the cause, it is better to hire professionals.

You may have to spend some money, but at least you can be carefree about using the same sink and drain later on. Professionals are available 24/7, and they can efficiently get to the bottom of the problem. They remove the blockage by using an appropriate drain unblocker and sink unblocker, keeping you out of harm’s way.

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