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Drainage repair

Drainage repairs are only necessary once you’ve established exactly what and where the problem is within your drain system. This can be achieved by undertaking a CCTV drain survey to diagnose the exact location of the issue, recording measurements and mapping where to complete the drain repair. If your drains are exhibiting any of the following conditions its recommended to have a drain CCTV survey undertaken to establish what the problem is:

  • Regularly blocking drains
  • Continuously blocked drains despite attempts to unblock them
  • Bad Smells and Odours omitting from the drain, indicative of a blockage downstream
  • Noticeable Leaking from the drain, effluent can create an oily slick and pungent sewage smell
  • Damp rising through the floors or walls of the property
  • Soft or Unstable ground above the drain pipes, left spongy and marshy or cracks in concrete floor

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